Saturday, April 11, 2009

That a Boyd

Weird, watching your team and not really caring if it wins. I wouldn't describe it as apathy. Acceptance, yeah that's more like it. A win over the Senators in the final game of the season would've meant what? Pride? Development? Standing? None of it matters on a night like this. Hey, what ever happened to that battle of Ontario anyway? Sure, a Leafs loss tonight might have had them selecting in the top 5 this June, but even that juicy possibility didn't have many of us oooooing and aaaahhhing one way or the other. Its been a long year. Let's just get it over with. If anything, I wanted to see some of the players pad their stats on the final night. One: for me to look at. I love pouring over sports statistics. Two: for some of the others to use as ammo in their summer job search.

Go get'em, BD

Boyd Devereaux

Doubt there's a nicer more genuinely liked guy on the team than Seaforth's favourite son. Well, its either Boyd or Lloyd...Eisler. Ring a bell? You know, the figure skater. He's from Seaforth too and is in the running with Boyd for Seaforth's favourite son. Boyd or Lloyd: Who will it be? More at 11. Anyway, I don't mean to talk about Boyd like he's the local nitwit who everyone should feel sorry for, but really, its not hard to gush over the type of guy he is. He's just plain friendly. He's just plain likable. Traits I found out about first hand, oh geez...almost 10 years ago now. A few months into my first TV job I was assigned to cover a Kitchener Rangers practice. I think, the fall of '99? Anyway, I was in one of the many corridors of the Aud waiting for a few players to come out for interviews when I met Boyd who was back in town for a visit while stationed with the Oilers' former AHL club in Hamilton. He realized I was from the local TV station and asked how a colleague of mine was doing. Most former junior players return to their junior hockey towns, but its rare for them to consider anyone from the media when they do. I asked how things were going with the Oilers and he was candid in telling me that he wasn't doing enough to stay in the show. He did promise however he'd continue to work hard to get back under the bright lights at some point soon. Heck, he even helped me corrale Derek Roy who was in his rookie year with the Rangers. Man, Derek couldn't even string a sentence together back in those days. Its amusing to watch him do interviews now. He's polished, to the point and smooth. To think of how far he's come when talking to the media is pretty wild. Again though, it was really nice of Boyd to help a TV rookie like me, who like him, was just trying to make a positive and lasting impression on management, just trying to live his dream.

Skip ahead

All these years, a Stanley Cup, and 6 teams later we watch as Boyd now a 12 year NHL veteran, struggles to stay relevant in a league he's hoping hasn't passed him by. Credit Brian Burke for figuring out a way to recall him. Credit BB for giving him every opportunity to show the hockey world he belongs somewhere next season, perhaps beyond. Here's hoping Boyd's late season scoring surge secures him a job next fall. Hey, a hat trick Saturday, 6 goals in his past 8 games. That's making a statement. And of course, each goal earned with hard work, a trademark smile and innate sportsmanship. Someone sign this guy up.

Cup champ in '02


What's with Grapes going off on Ron Wilson? Obviously there's bad blood, but is it mutual? I get the sense this "feud", if you can call it that, has been manufactured by Cherry's people. I do like how was talking up Boyd Devereaux though. Anything to help a good guy land a job is fine by me. Anyway, I think Ron should respond to Mighty Mouth. He did with a sarcastic Howard Berger and put him in his place. Then again, RW wouldn't be looking down on this opponent. In the end it could be more trouble than its worth.

Thanks for a...nother season.

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  1. I left this on the General's site too: Atta Boyd!