Monday, June 15, 2009

back to biz'nass

K, Croz has his cup, Hossa doesn't, Basillie won't... and now we can get back to the biz'nass of obsessing over what the Leafs do.

Just had to add this beauty from "Coxy's" column in The Star Tuesday morning.

"While some continue the absurd debate over the handshake "snub" at the conclusion of the Stanley Cup final – did any of the oddly embittered Red Wings take a moment to thank Sidney Crosby for carrying the league on his back since the lockout? – it's already time to move on to next season."


So true.

I'm really hoping BB successfully lures "The Monster" from Sweden. All the hype surrounding this guy has me excited about what could be a talented and competitive tandem of lads with pads in Leaf blue.

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