Wednesday, January 25, 2012

O is for outdoor

The outdoor hockey league?
I have several calls out about this OHL winter classic game potentially set for the end of the year in Detroit. Problem is, the people I'm trying to get more info from might not even know what's going on yet? The news is from so high up; it either hasn't trickled down, or my contacts are so taken aback over how we're aware of this stuff they don't know what to say? (FROM THE OHL THIS AFTERNOON: 'discussions have taken place, but nothing has been confirmed') It seems the details, at least officially, haven't been prepped for release. Perhaps a dressed up announcement is way off in the distance? And surely the OHL wouldn't unveil it's inaugural outdoor plans before the NHL lays out it's next venture? The good bet: expect word to come out in tandem when the NHL is ready to announce it.

What we know at this point is that the NHL has approved a CHL request to hold multiple outdoor games December 31st in Detroit. The target venue seems to be Comerica Park, where we could see the Knights and Spitfires in action against the OHL's two Michigan based clubs. Having those four teams involved in the festivities would make the most sense. Saginaw and Plymouth are automatic. The Spits, a geographical choice. The Knights, arguably the country's top junior hockey brand, the popular selection. We'll see how, if anything, shakes out?

Again, we have trusted word that approval on the plan has been granted and the ball in motion.

And how 'bout those Leafs? The grind towards the finish line is going to be exhausting. Hey, when wins don't come easy... roll'em up, head down, see what happens?

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